Wind-up sylph pet from FFXIV

Trying out animating in Photoshop, inspired by some crazy talented peeps who are much better at it than me.

…I got kinda lazy with that 2nd one  =T

Man, for a social media site that pats itself on the back for being so socially progressive (especially in the fandom circles), there sure is a lot of casual racism where no one bats an eye.  Is racism only not okay if it’s obvious?

What do you do when someone you follow reblogs that shit…do you unfollow knowing they didn’t mean anything by it?  Do you ignore it, because no one else seems to have a problem with it?  Sometimes fandom on tumblr makes me feel like I’m being too sensitive about these things, but then I remember some of the social justice posts I’ve seen with thousands of notes and then I feel like that’s stupid and people should know better.

Oh casual tumblr racism, go fuck yourself.

Trying my hand at photoshopping screenshots by attempting to follow this tutorial, which was obviously made by some kind of wizard.  I think it turned out okay despite me not knowing how to read Japanese and guessing half of the steps (I still can’t figure some of them out).

Here’s the cropped original:

Shit just got real

Happy Holidays from Glen Coco of Gilgamesh!

I learned a hard lesson today

I really, REALLY need to start watermarking my shit.

It’s common sense to some people but I took me until today to have it hammered home.  I’ve been pretty resistant towards watermarking in the past because personally it felt a bit egotistical, because there are tons of awesome/professional artists out there that are way better than me that don’t do it.  I am SUPER bad at anything related to business and promoting myself, and I figured my stuff wasn’t spectacular or popular enough to warrant extra precautions.  Welp it turns out I was wrong and people suck, so now I’m regretting it pretty hard.  

Good god I hope they never fix this glitch
I love this event

I wasn’t really feeling very Mass Effect-ey this year, so here’s my pumpkin tribute to the manliest of American heroes and my sometimes spirit animal.


Anonymous asked:

I think you just got around 4k people to play ffxiv with that photoset. Good job.


You’re welcome Square-Enix


Anonymous asked:



Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn