hello there commander alenko… can it be march now?

 At first I thought this was Chibimiji’s tumblr. But oops, it’s just someone’s tumblr with art lifted from SLF without even crediting the original artist:

srly guys

REBLOGGING with LINK to the artist’s DA page on the picture! This is weemiji/chibimiji’s WIP from Shore Leave Friday on the MassEffect LJ comm and the ONLY way you could get it was taking it from there, so just TAKE A MINUTE and link back to her blog (or even the thread it came from!) >:( 

it REALLY pisses me off when I see art and other things posted here on tumblr without a link back to the original artist, especially when I know the artist (and know that she’s way too busy to go here on tumblr) and where the art originated from. OR when the original artist has posted their stuff YET someone still takes it off of DeviantArt or something and doesn’t take the HALF OF A SECOND to copy and paste the image URL to link back. ALWAYS CREDIT and don’t be LAZY—take the time to LINK back to the image SOURCE, it’s not gonna kill you and it makes us artists less apprehensive about posting our art on the internet to SHARE with YOU. 

/art rant

Oh noooooo so sloppy =(

Note to self:  start signing your goddamn shit

Hey look I actually signed this one!  It’s a miracle

I made this piece of sweet lens flare action

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I’m just gonna start reblogging all my art that I find

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