Awww, it’s my very first gif, debuted over on Shore Leave Friday, the beginning of my terrible MP gifing career.

(Uhh the tumblr gif limit is 2mb now???)

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SO HERE THEY ARE, IN ALL THEIR GLORIOUS GLORY. for a little gift prompt on the Mass Effect LJ community.
Inked either with brush+ink, brush pen or various sizes of pens.
Colored in Photoshop.

  • tov01’s asari huntress
  • explosiontime’s batarian soldier
  • chibimiji’s drell super agent
  • sinvraal’s big bad krolord
  • rose_in_shadow’s fury
  • even_prime’s shadow
  • dizy_chan’s human vanguard
  • kalahira’s geth infiltrator
  • lm_jillybean’s fury

You want something akin to those? 20$ inked/uncolored, 30$ inked/colored, any humanoid characters!

Omg these are the besssst, they are so slick.  You perfectly captured Butt Floss’ badassery* because he is indeed hot like a curry, how did you know!  Seriously these are awesome and you should feel awesome, thank you!!!

*Butt Floss in action:

The salarian councilor in the Citadel archives is having some issues.

Oh my god

They actually did it

They made a Femshep BotB banner

It’s so beautiful   ;___;

Hey there lil buddy

Finally got this a few days ago.  I’ve never been so proud/ashamed.

No regrets though


ME custom shoe commission for Sinvraal, featuring her own Shep!  I’m pretty happy with how these turned out, I think I’ve managed to clean up my process a lot since my first pair.  The shoes are Vans Authentic Hi, with Angelus paints.

Commission info

My crafty gifts for skellington1 over at the ME lj comm for this year’s Secret Santa!  I pretty much did the shirt just to see if I could pull it off…it turned out much better than I expected it to but man I am never, ever doing a stencil like that again holy crap.

Something magical happened in ME3 MP yesterday night.

*deleted the double post, my internet is slow as crap

Custom Shoe Commissions!


I’ve been getting asks about them, so I thought it would be a good idea to make an official info post.  If anyone has any further questions, feel free to email me at weemiji[at]gmail[dot]com!  You can also send me an ask, but be warned that Tumblr has a habit of eating my responses.  Signal boosts are appreciated!

Here are the details, for anyone interested: